Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Woke up in the morning and felt a lot better. Whew......  
All 7of is were more tired then we thought, we slept until 8:30 and had what is called "gringo" worship at 9:00 we all took quick showers being extra careful not to let any of the water into our mouths or eyes since we would all probably get very sick.  After showers we all ate a quick breakfast ( popitas de sucre, sugar pops for my gringo kids) and a prepackaged cinnamon roll.  We had service and communion courtesy of pastor Phil.  After that the missionaries took us on a tour of Le Ceiba And Le Fe. Just a back up real quick, there are 2 missionary teams here, 1 team from Georgia and one from Tucson.  The Georgia team is doing dental work and teaching some of the local women to sew.  Our team from Tucson is working in Armenia Bonita doing construction and ministry with the local children.  Ok, back to the story.... After our tour we came back to the compound and rested until 3:30 when left to the local Honduran worship device.  We piled in 3 vehicles, 5 of us climbed into the back of a Toyota truck bed and ride to the service like that, let me tell you, it was the coolest I have been since we arrived.  The service was in Spanish but us gringos were given a translator we could use if we wanted to.  It helped alot, the young lady who was translating kept trying to find the right words to use so we would understand her.  It was kinda funny, couple of time the preacher would talk for 30 seconds and her translations was " we love God" or " "we must be stewards of Gods gifts". I just wondered if we were getting the full translation, but it worked.  But the coolest thing was that they sang one of my favorite songs "Blessed Be The Name".  That is one of my favorite Christian songs, followed by Let's Get Down and Raise the Lord up!!!  a one-hit-wonder from the 70's.  (just kidding about the 2nd song I didn't care for the beat).... After service we came back to the compound and enjoyed a wonderful meal of black beans/shredded chicken bowl "Chipotle eat your heart out!) it was awesome then we had a mango mouse and some sort of awesome pudding.  I am right now sitting outside waiting till 8:00 to take my malaria pills, and then till 9:00 to go outside and look at the moon simultaneously with the woman who has stolen my heart in Tucson.

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